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Metrology Services Plastic Part Inspection

What is Inspection and Measurement for Plastic Parts?

After injection molding has created plastic parts, they need to be visually inspected for burn or gas marks, sink marks, plastic or flash leaks, as well as knit or weld lines.

Measurement of critical features including tolerance is often required as part of the inspection process. Our aim is to solve our clients’ dimensional challenges so that their processes can be adjusted to be efficient, repeatable, and reproducible.

Metrology Services Overview

PJF Metrology South is a Certified Metrology Lab with over 25 years in business. We provide world-class traditional metrology and plastic part inspection services to enhance your metrology and validation capabilities.

Through the use of CMM inspection services, PJF offers advanced tools for almost every industrial metrology need and the validation of many types of products. We perform everything from Basic Visual Inspections to On-site Metrology Services, Metrology Training, Annual Part Inspections, and Reverse Engineering.

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Software Used

  • Metrologic X4


  • Polyworks

Hardware Used

  • CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machine (Horizontal & Bridge)

  • Portable CMM (Tracker & Arms)

  • Scanners (Blue Light HD/Red Light HD)

Why Choose PJF Metrology for Onsite Services?

PJF Metrology South employs many different methodologies and approaches in order to capture the dimensional nuances of your designs.

  • Over 25 Years in Business

  • Proprietary Process

  • Experienced Staff

  • Multiple Locations

  • ISO 9001 & 17025 Accredited

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We offer unsurpassed service, prompt turnaround, and aggressive pricing to various industries. Take the first step and get a quote today!


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