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Metrascan with red laser


First article inspection

A full part inspection is done based on print requirements.  Notes that are applicable to the services offered will also be measured. We do not measure reference or basic dimensions unless specified to do so ahead of time.

Annual part inspection

A yearly full part inspection based on print requirements in order to affirm the dimensional integrity of a part. Various variables may have changed the dimensional qualities of a part due to tooling wear, process changes, or supplier changes etc. This process is designed to mitigate those risks.

Process capability studies

Measurement of multiple parts for specific dimensions used to calculate CP, CPK, PP, & PPK statistic values that describe the merits of a process.

Illustration of process "what is design of experiments?"

Measurement of specific dimensions for multiple parts created through different processes to determine the best process for production.

3rd Party gage certifications

This is the process of certifying a gage/fixture to part CAD to ensure the gage/fixture is dimensionally correct. Gage/fixture will receive a certification sticker and due date established by customer’s internal quality standards.

3d scanning services

3D Scanning services provide fast and accurate data, which is great for articles with inorganic or broad shapes. PJF uses portable arm CMMs with a laser for 3D measurement and inspection.

Gage RR & Gage R

 Measurement of variability in measurements derived from a measurement system itself, and compares its entire variability to determine the viability of the measurement system. This measures repeatability and reproducibility. (The gage, measurement instruments, operators, methods, specifications, & specimens)

Reverse engineering

PJF has several blue-light & red-light 3D scanners for producing a quality STL that can be surfaced into a CAD file.

Off-line programming

PJF offers offline programming capabilities for PCdmis, Metrologic & Polyworks, so that we can help when a customer’s lab is behind or lacking a seasoned programmer.

On-site metrology services

PJF can send a metrologist to your location to assist your current lab or fill in when your metrologist is unavailable.

Metrology training

PJF offers training for PCdmis, Metrologic, & Polyworks software platforms with varying measurement tools such as: Romer Arms, Faro Arms, Creaform Units, and CMMs.

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