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Metrology Training

Whether you want to learn more about PCdmis, Metrologic, or Polyworks software platforms, metrology training can offer many benefits to your team.

If you feel like you've been fighting with your machine or software, or think your team might benefit from a refresher, you might want to consider metrology training to ensure you get as much of a return from your investment as possible.

Who should participate in metrology training?

  • Novices to dimensional metrology

  • Those who are experienced with metrology instruments

  • Everyone in between

What makes our training different?

Our metrology training is performed by the same experienced professionals who provide outstanding service in our measurement lab. PJF Metrology South offers a number of flexible programs that were created to meet your objectives.

Streamline Usage & Optimize Production

Our approach involves custom tailoring our training to your specific needs, the parts made during your manufacturing process, your drawings, as well as your experience level.

Find out why you should choose PJF Metrology South

Our reputation of quality service and trusted results continues to grow throughout the upstate and the Southeast with each new customer.

Take the first step and get a quote today!


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