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Why Metrology Is Important in Engineering

Metrology helps to ensure the quality of a product. An engineering drawing helps to ensure that the parts match the design intent.

Dimensions and tolerances help manufacturers avoid wasting time on clarifying each step, so they may proceed with production.

If a product is not manufactured following inspection and verification processes, schedules can be disrupted, and the entire project can be rejected.

The goal of metrology is to provide accurate and reliable measurements.

Metrology Services

We provide dimensional metrology services using CMM's portable CMM's, and 3D scanners. We offer the following procedures:

  • First Article Inspection

  • Annual Part Inspection

  • Process Capability Studies

  • Design of Experiments

  • 3rd Party Gage Certifications

  • 3D Scanning Services

  • Gage RR & Gage R

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Off-Line Programming

  • On-Site Metrology Services

  • Metrology Training

Training Engineers About Metrology

Training new engineers on the science of metrology is essential.

By taking the time to ensure the measurement is right at the start of a project, you can help your team manufacture on time, stay on budget, and meet your specific requirements.

To learn more about our services, contact us, and to get a quote, click here!


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