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What is 3d Metrology?

3D metrology is the scientific study of physical measurement. Applying 3D metrology involves accurately acquiring an object's geometrical data in 3 axes (x, y, z). This data is often acquired through a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), but any accurate 3D capture system may be utilized.

3D Scanning Services

Here at PJF South Metrology, we use portable arm CMMs with a laser for 3D measurement and inspection.

3D scanning provides fast and accurate data, which is great for articles with inorganic or broad shapes.

What is Bluelight Scanning?

Bluelight scanning is used to describe the use of 3D structured light-based scanners.

These are often the most accurate and provide the highest resolution data output.

Interested in Working Together?

As our presence in the metrology sector continues to grow, we are striving to become one of the top metrology labs in North America. We love solving problems by eliminating variables and seeing the end goal reached.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, contact us, or request a quote!


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