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What are Metrology Services?

Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. Metrology services involve testing, calibrating, and when necessary, making adjustments to weights in measurements.

Metrology can be divided into 3 subfields:

  • Scientific Metrology

  • Applied Metrology

  • Legal Metrology

Metrology operates on the key principle that every measurement contains a degree of uncertainty. To prevent that uncertainty from compounding, especially as operations become more complex, machinery must be properly calibrated to maintain optimum accuracy and precision.

These calibrations are fundamental to the ability to trace and link measurements to reference standards. This then helps to account for uncertainty and error. Calibration helps to mitigate these inaccuracies.

Metrology services provided by PJF Metrology South

How is Metrology Used in Manufacturing?

Metrological instruments can be used to calibrate machinery and tooling, helping to ensure accuracy and precision. They can also be used during post-production to verify that the parts meet specifications and expectations.

Key Concepts in Metrology: Tolerance, precision, accuracy & uncertainty

  • Tolerance - the variation within a part's dimension that is considered acceptable.

  • Precision - how close each measurement is to the average of measured values.

  • Accuracy - defined as how close the average of a measured value set is to the refence value, X.

  • Uncertainty - the sum of the accuracy error and the precision error expressed as two standard deviations.

Measurement Best Practices

  • Calibration of Instruments (all measuring instruments must be periodically calibrated)

  • Temperature-Controlled Clean Room (small changes in temperature can make a difference in measurements)

Whether you have small or large format inspection requirements, here at PJF Metrology, we have the equipment and personnel available to assist you.

What We Do

At PJF Metrology South, our engineers and technicians are trained to provide our customers with the best possible experience and knowledge in the industry. We provide dimensional metrology related services using CMM's, Portable CMM's, and 3D scanners.

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