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The Necessity of Third Party Verification

PJF Metrology offers a variety of solutions for third-third party certifications. Taking the time to schedule third-party certifications on fixtures demonstrates compliance to one’s internal/external quality standards, reinforces one’s commitment to quality and acts to increase credibility to those you are engaged in business with. PJF is a great resource for fixture certifications because we also design and build fixtures on the daily.

This means that PJF knows how to check fixtures correctly and also means that we are efficient because of experience. A true third-party certification requires to verify a fixture to part CAD, rather than the fixture CAD itself. PJF checks the datums, stabs, feelers, flush, scribe line, variable data options, pin sizes and other important items that other labs leave out.

Some of the solutions that PJF Metrology offers in order to aid in third-party certifications are:

1. Send fixtures to PJF facility

This is a great option for fixtures that may need repair, missing pins fixed or require extremely tight tolerances. Considering PJF has 7 CMM’s we are able to process through quite a few certifications in a short period of time so that PJF can hit one’s turn-around goals. Once programmed PJF can generally reduce costs the following years in order to reduce costs.

2. PJF comes to your location to process fixtures/gauges

This is a great option when the production environment does not allow for fixtures to be shipped off location and or shipping costs are higher than the costs of on-site measurement. It also eliminates the risk of damage during transportation. PJF will show up with the correct portable CMM for the job and proceed to work through the fixtures that are in need of certification.

PJF looks forward to hearing from you and would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. If you are in need of third-party certifications give us the opportunity to see how quick and simple the process can be when working with a company that has a great amount of experience with fixtures of all types.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, contact us, or request a quote!


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