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Overwhelmed With Workload?

The ups and downs of the workload in the quality industry is always a tough item to tackle. PJF is here to fill in the gap when one’s internal lab is falling behind schedule due to large workloads.

The adverse effects of large workloads can equate to missing deadline goals, causing burnout in your current staff, and having experienced staffed too busy to review the small details that less experience staff might miss.

This is where PJF can assist:

1. Send workload to PJF Facility.

We have large scale capacity to handle one’s project with great turn around speed and qualified programmers to ensure repeatability and reproducibility. We also pride ourselves in great communication and reasonable pricing.

2. Send a qualified Metrology programmer to your facility to use your equipment.

PJF can send a qualified technician to your facility to run your equipment, programs, and or write new programs to assists your internal lab. We are able to work the shifts necessary to get you caught back up and running smoothly again.

3. Send a qualified Metrology programmer with our equipment.

PJF can also send a qualified technician with our equipment so that we can help your internal lab by extending the amount of workflow through the department because of addition of more equipment and manpower.

Let PJF step in to help fill the gap to help meet deadline goals, reduce burden on current staff, and have an experienced shoulder to lean on.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, contact us, or request a quote!


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