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Metrology Services - A Must-Have Tool for Automotive & Aerospace Companies

When it comes to measuring components and parts, automotive and aerospace companies need to ensure the highest level of accuracy. This is where metrology services come in.

Why Metrology Services Matter

Metrology services are a must-have tool for these industries as they provide precise measurements and verification of parts that are needed for manufacturing processes.

They use a variety of tools such as 3D scanning, optical comparators, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), laser trackers, and vision systems to measure components accurately. These tools help in ensuring the quality of the parts that are being manufactured as well as reduce manufacturing time and cost by eliminating manual measurement errors.

Metrology for Automotive and Aerospace Businesses

Metrology services not only help automotive and aerospace companies save time but also ensure that their products meet industry standards. With its wide range of benefits, metrology services have become an essential tool for these industries.

Procedures Offered by PJF Metrology South

We provide dimensional metrology related services using CMM's, Portable CMM's, and 3D scanners.

  • 1st Article Inspections

  • Annual Part Inspections

  • Process Capability Studies

  • Design of Experiments

  • 3rd Party Gage Certifications

  • 3D Scanning Services

  • Gage R, Gage R&R

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Off-Line Programming

  • On-site Metrology Services

  • Metrology Software Training

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