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Metrology Calibration Services

What is Metrology and Calibration?

Metrology includes the necessary controls and requirements to ensure measurement quality and measurement assurance.

Calibration plays an integral part of measurement controls and is crucial in order to ensure the continued adequacy for its intended use.

Work with PJF Metrology South

With over 25 years in the business, our experts can perform the calibrations either at your facility or in our advanced metrology lab. We provide a full range of professional calibration services accredited to ISO 9001 & 17025.

PJF offers training for PCdmis, Metrologic, & Polyworks software platforms with varying measurement tools such as: Romer Arms, Faro Arms, Creaform Units, and CMMs.

Find out why you should choose PJF Metrology South

As our presence in the metrology sector continues to grow, we are striving to become one of the top metrology labs in North America.

  • Over 25 Years in Business

  • Proprietary Process

  • Experienced Staff

  • Multiple Locations

  • ISO 9001 & 17025 Accredited

We look forward to learning about your business and metrology needs. Take the first step and get a quote today!


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