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Industries We Serve

Today there are exceptionally accurate and high-speed metrology hardware and software available with applications suitable for diverse sectors.

Many manufacturers have adequate tools and staff, but for many, applications best-in-class equipment and word-class metrologists are still needed. We provide original equipment manufacturers with talented metrologists and the best instrumentation and software available.

Eliminate issues in your manufacturing process and learn how to make your processes more efficient while maintaining quality standards.

Our current clients are in the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Tool and Die Manufacturing

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Power & Energy

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Agriculture

  • Racing Industry

  • Powersport Industry

We have multiple locations and have been in business for over 25 years. With a distinct, proprietary process, we have experienced staff that enables us to be efficient at what we do. We are also ISO 9001 and 17025 Accredited.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We love solving problems by eliminating variables and seeing the end goal reached. Take the first step and get a quote today!


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